Monday, 22 March 2010

More than a Touch of Class

Good morning Peeps,

I trust you're all well and had a great weekend. Mine was BUSY but great. Friday was a write-off as the stresses of the week caught up with me and knocked me spark out! Or...maybe it was the glass of Rosé...hmmmm, moving on swiftly! Overall, I had a fantastic weekend, spent with various family and friends, catching up, dancing, eating and generally being silly!

On a creative note, WOW, what a weekend! On Saturday, I received confirmation of some tremendous news, which I will share with you on Tuesday :) Don't hate, all in good time people, all in good time... Tee, hee, hee! On Sunday evening, I performed at A Touch of Class, a variety show with something for everyone, which was held at the plush, Catford Broadway Theatre. Firstly, I have to say, Affinity Arts treated us like no other Promoter has [treated me personally], to-date; there was a full spread of Sunday's best food - Chicken, salad and hard-dough bread, plus drinks galore, all served by a lovely lady (whose name I unfortunately, can't remember), artists were introduced to one another by the team, the staff were all great and very professional - I was extremely impressed.

My friend and I chilled backstage for a while whilst I waited to find out what time I'd be on, as there'd been some reshuffling of the line-up, which is quite common. I spoke briefly to US Comic Will-E-Robo, who was slightly reserved for an American, but I guess he was getting into his zone for his performance, which seemed to go down really well - the crowd loved him. I discovered I was going to be fourth on after some of the other acts, which was cool, cos my nerves had started to kick in and I was feeling a bit jittery. It's great performing on a proper stage, but I knew that once I stepped out into the bright lights, and saw the hordes of people in the auditorium, my stomach would start that familiar churn that leaves me feeling slightly sick, so I was trying to focus on which poems I'd perform and less on the size of the audience.
Whilst backstage, we met the delightfully friendly Peter Hunningale. He was so lovely! Eddie Kadi arrived, looking dapper as always, and I took the liberty of introducing myself! Such a beautiful smile :) teeth get me every time! Lol Eventually, my time to shine came and I took a few deep breaths before strutting out into the spotlight. The place was packed! I could feel my voice trembling as I asked the audience to close their eyes before delivering 'Sweet Like'. It went down well, so to speak, and I had a few people chuckling, while others squirmed in their seats. If you've never heard it, I won't spoil it for you - just check out a performance sometime soon and you'll understand what I mean.

When I performed 'I Want a Man!' I could hear the umming and ahhing that has become synonymous with that piece and I almost lost my place in the poem as a guy shouted something out in agreement, but I got through it confidently, and ended with a resounding applause and mass of cheering that properly warmed my heart and my cheeks. It felt good.

It was such a heavy line up; Peter Hunningale, Felicity Ethnic, Moonshine, Natalie May, Gappy Ranks (he was fantastic!), Travis J, Kayleigh 'Loudmouth' Lewis, Dance acts Definitive and Retaliation. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see Yolanda Brown, as she wasn't able to make it, but the show was so great, that it didn't even matter in the end!

If you missed A Touch of Class, (shame on you! Lol) I implore you to make sure you get your tickets to the next one, I know I will!

Stay blessed and I'll be back real soon.

One love,


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