Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Hey Peeps,

How are you all? To be really honest, I’m busted!! I had a fantastic weekend, but I think it took a lot out of me and my eating habits/nutrition intake is so poor, that I shouldn’t really be surprised. I had two dinners, two performances, two radio shows and in between all of that, managed to do some domestic chores as well as my ONiT! PR work. Oh and I almost forgot, I partied like a rock star too….well actually, less like a rock star and more like a Nurse!! LOL

One of the radio shows that I was a guest on, was Boes Comedy Time, with Boe the Comedian at Voice of Africa Radio. We caught the most jokes in the studio and loosely discussed, 'Are we our own worst enemy'? Click here to listen to a podcast of the show.

This weekend is a long Easter break, which I’m so looking forward to, but I need to spend some time at home and recuperate a little, because feeling like mashed potato (Sweet or otherwise) is not really the one.

I only have two major things planned; one, raving for my bonafide Sistren’s birthday on Saturday at GORGEOUS – it’s gonna be emosh, trust me!! *Comfort sings ‘Party over here, ain’t sh*t over there!’*

On Bank Holiday Monday, 5th April, I’ll be performing at Laughter Fest Part 4 alongside some of the UK’s premier Comedians; Felix Dexter, Slim, Kojo, Wayne 'Dibbi' Rollins, Geoff Schumann, Special P, Kwaku, Fumbi & MS Diverse not forgetting Kat B (MTV/Choice FM) who’ll be hosting this splendid show at the plush Camden Centre (opposite Kings Cross/St. Pancras Station).

That’s about all from me, for now. I’m off home to drink some honey, lemon and ginger and rest up til I have to get up at the crack of dawn for work.

Catch you sometime soon.

In the meantime, remember, SAYiT. BEiT. DOiT. ONiT!

One love,


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  1. Easy now! Make sure you look after you and the rest will follow..