Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Happy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday Peeps!

Welcome to mid-week limbo, that irritating day of the week when you wish it were a day earlier to get through your to-do list with less panic, or a day later with less hours to go until the weekend... or is that just me?!

Here's hoping you had a fabulous Easter weekend. Mine was nice, I managed to find time to chill AND go out, AND visit family - in particular the little people in my life (e.g. my Neices and God Children). There was chocolate, alcohol and a little piece of fish, but for some reason, no bun and cheese... hmmm, see what happens when my Mum goes on holiday? Easter traditions fall to pieces! LOL

I did manage to squeeze a performance in on Bank Holiday Monday at
Laughterfest Part 4, which was headlined by 10 Comedians. It was a good show and my favourite performers on the night just happened to be two that I'd never seen perform before, Fumbi and Kwaku - they both had me in stitches. By the time it was my turn to perform, I was overly
nervous, but just had to brace the anxiety and get on with it. I started with Sweet Like which left some people looking a bit heated and unconvinced! Haha I followed on with Unsatisfied as I haven't performed that in a good while, so thought I'd dust it off for the masses, which seemed to go down well and I came off stage feeling better than I had when I went on, but not before doing a little fandango with Kat B!

Kat B,
the host for the night, was a little.... worse for wear, shall we say, having consumed a tad more Brandy than is maybe advisable when you're hosting a show!! LOL It was stark reminder of why I make a point of not drinking before a performance! It's all love Kat..
. hope you've recovered! :o)

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of joining Curtis Walker on Colourful Radio for a brief interview in relation to my forthcoming performance at Love...Sex...Sensuality... the poetry show with more heat than a sauna and less censorship than that of any show you've ever been to, or are ever likely to go to! Curtis was as fun and jokey as I expected and we had a great time. The experience further hightened my love of being on air and encouraged me to sit down and write some notes when I got home... I need to be on radio by the end of the year, this ain't a joke, and pardon the pun, but I'm ONiT! for a retrospective listen to the radio show, click here (I'm on after the news).

Also yesterday, my
interview with ONiT! was featured on the blogsite, so feel free to have a read when you have a few minutes to spare - it's only a brief Q&A so enjoy.

Finally, I dug up an old performance video clip from You Tube today, from last Summer. It's such a strange experience seeing myself on screen and the analysis that comes out of it is a bit much, but it made me smile, so I thought I'd share it with you.

That's all from me for now, but I'll be back real soon. In the meantime, take care and enjoy the rest of the week - hopefully, we'll get some more sunshine soon.



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