Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Guess who's back...


How are you? I'm hoping that this overly 'long-time-coming' blog post finds you well and happy.

I'm sorry for the delayed update... life has been busy, stressful, tiring, blessed, full, fun, boring, lonely, exciting, inspiring, disappointing and eventful. An array of feelings, emotions and eventualities that have taken a lot out of me and kept me too busy or too reluctant to share my feelings with the wider world.

I recently undertook a couple of workshops with my Partna in Rhyme, Saran, hosted by Apples & Snakes, which were really insightful and actually, quite fun. One of the key things I took from Malika Booker's session was the reiteration that it's good practice to write everyday. This is something that I find EXTREMELY challenging; a) because I'm just so busy trying to fit 101 things into my day (and night) usually, that writing naturally takes a back seat and b) because sometimes, the things that are going through my head, aren't the kind of things I want to share, with my conscious self, or anyone else, so putting them down on paper would make me look at certain things and have to deal with them, which I guess, I have been avoiding doing.

So, here I am, it's 2:20am on a Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning. I've had an emotional but productive day and I'm unable to sleep, so am writing this... wondering if I'm actually going to publish it...

I think I should attempt to sleep... so I'm going to love and leave you now, but before I do, I'd like to say this; we all know that we should treasure our families, make time for them and connect/reconnect often, but something that I think we often forget and take for granted, are our close, 'real' friends, so I'll leave you with this; if you have friendships that need attention, go ahead and make time for them, nurture them and if they've fallen by the wayside, revive and resuscitate them... once they flat-line, it'll be too late and you'll look back and wish you'd done something earlier.

Peace and hair grease.



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