Thursday, 29 July 2010

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How are you? Hope all is blessed in your world(s)!

I'm not too bad, bit tired, but alive and kicking sameway! Gots some bits and bobs to share with you... I've been a right busy bee of late (nothing new there then) but I have evidence this time! Haha!

So, last week was one of excitement and hypation (I know, I made it up... what did you think?! I quite like it..anyhow, I digress). Last week was a lot! I did a brief interview on
Colourful Radio with Rosemary Laryea's 'Life' show. You can listen to the show here (20/07/2010 - 12:00) I'm on from 12:35 til 13:00. We spoke about poetry, life and generally had a laugh.

Following on from Rosemary's show, I made my way down to Brixton to take part in the
You're Beautiful, Woman documentary that is being made for the forthcoming event, which takes place on Saturday 7 August in North London. I had a slight mishap on my way there.... so there I was, trotting along in my 3 inch, tan wedges... when KAPOW, PING, PANG! the strap on the left show popped and my foot was left hanging precariously off of the edge. Vex is not the word. All I could think is 'I'm on foot (car was at home, cos the cost of parking in London ain't no joke) and have to walk around with my broken shoe!!' When I finally made it to Brixton, I gave thanks for Morely's and popped in to see if I could find something in my size. Now, anyone who know's me, know's I have large feet for a lady, so the odds were stacked against me.... jumped on the escalator KAPOW, PING, PANG! the right shoe broke toooooo!!! Distraught was not the word... I shuffled over to the shoes on the wall display and searched for my size, forgoing all ideas of style over substance and I found one, just ONE pair of shoes in my size... a pair of 'bling' encusted flip flops! Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not adverse to a nice pair of summer flats, but these were BLINGING... and I was dressed in a well co-ordinated combination of tan, navy and white... there was no room for bling on my person that very day! Gosh man! But, since funds were tight, time was against me and both my shoes were broken, I had to make do.

Anyhow, I flip-flopped my way down to the studio space to meet film maker
Isaac Tomiczec and gave my answers to his very interesting, provocative questions - I can't wait to see the end product. For your chance to see the end result, which features contributions from Judith Jacobs, Angie Le Mar, DJ MIstaJam and Jasmia Robinson from Britain's Next Top Model make sure you check out the event [].

I also recently took part in the pre-auditions of
ManorLogz - Xtreme Spoken Word, a brand new, first of it's kind competition. ManorLogz is seeking to find the UK's best Spoken Word Poets, Lyricists, and MC's, and the competition is set to be massive. To view my contribution, check out the video

The weekend saw the return of our (
Partnas in Rhymes') annual Summers day event; Poetry in the Park. The weather held up, despite looking like it wanted to rain at various points during the day, and everyone had a great time, even with the BBC helicopter hovering over our little patch of big ol' Hyde Park for a couple of hours. The event was well attended with more than 100 people, children and adults alike, sharing fun, food, poetry, comedy and good vibes and we've had some fantastic feedback. If you missed it, you missed out!

Well, there's not much else to report, other than to say that I have registered and paid a fee (yeah, I know it was only £15, but stilll), to take part in the forthcoming Adidas 5k Women's Challenge on Sunday 5th September to raise money for Arthritis Care. It's gonna be more than a challenge I tell ya! I've only just started my training, so I'm gonna need to step it up fast, fast, cos I'm feeling about as fit as Rab C Nesbitt right about now, and that's not a good look!! LOL I'm 10% into my fundraising target of £1,000, so if you're up for sponsoring me, please don't be shy! You can donate by visiting my page or alternatively, if you'd rather not use the 'net, I'll be happy to meet you for your cash donation :o)

Well, that's about all for now Peeps, so I'm gonna bid you farewell, until the next time. Take care, be safe have fun and remember, SAYiT. BEiT. DOiT. ONiT! Bless, Comfy

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  1. Zoop zoop! Keep up the inspiring, hard work Comfort. You're doing big things! Mwah. Soneni x